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28-29 January 2011, University of Warwick

A total of 41 papers around the broad conference theme of experiencing legal education were presented in 5 parallel sessions. Details are below and you can also download the parallel sessions programme in table format at the bottom of the page. Sessions marked include audio.

parallel session 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

show and tell sessions

Day 1 – Friday 28 January 2011

Parallel session 1: 9.30-11.00

Panorama 1

9.30: From law undergraduate to professional practice – Baroness Ruth Deech, Derek Wood, QC, Dr John Carrier and Dr Valerie Shrimplin

Chancellor’s 1

Chair’s report: Sonia Kalsi (The College of Law)

9.30: Pro bono and clinic in law schools – what are we up to and where are we going? – Richard Grimes and Martin Curtis

10.15: Enhancing and promoting students’ skills: pro bono and CV development – Lydia Bleasdale-Hill and Paul Wragg

Chancellor’s 2

9.30: Are law schools meeting their obligations as regards the assessment of the use of English? – Peter Breakey

10.15: 12 steps to success:producing a quality legal research paper – Dr Terry Hutchinson and Natalie Cuffe

Chancellor’s 3

Chair’s report: Caroline Maughan (University of the West of England)

9.30: The focus on skills for improving students’ engagement: the Tuning educational structures approach – Maria Pilar Canedo Arrillaga, Luis Gordillo Perez, Paula Comellas, Naiara Arriola Echaniz

10.15: The link between quality legal education and student pastoral care – Margaret Cunningham

parallel session 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Parallel session 2: 13.30-15.00

Panorama 1

Chair’s report: Jane Ching (Nottingham Trent University)

13.30: QLTS: client-centred assessment of qualified lawyers – Mandy Gill, Paul Maharg and Jenny Rawstorne

14.15: Professional competence: can it be taught? A workplace perspective – Hugh Anderson McKnight

Chancellor’s 1

13.30: The first year experience of assessment – realigning the learning – Alison Bone and Zoe Swan

14.15: Will video kill the manuscript scrawl? The impact of video feedback on students’ perception of feedback – Simon Sneddon

Chancellor’s 2

Chair’s report: Elizabeth Fisher (University of Oxford)

13.30: What is ‘research-led’ teaching in the context of the undergraduate law curriculum? – Dr Helen Carr and Nick Dearden

14.15: Education for sustainable development: how can we fit it into the law curriculum? – Dr Hazel Dawe

Chancellor’s 3

Chair’s report: Maureen Spencer (Middlesex University)

13.30: Intensive law degrees – hitting the ground running – Kirstie Best, Kate Exall and Mick Sumpter

14.15: A few of my favourite things: three rules of thumb for module design informed by self-determination theory – Graham Ferris, Rebecca Huxley-Binns and Andrea Nicholson

parallel session 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Parallel session 3: 15.30-17.00

Panorama 1

Chair’s report: Caroline Coles (University of the West of England)

15.30 Developing an elearning strategy for a modern law school – Sarah King

16.15: Engaging students through electronic voting – clickers and mobile phone systems – Carol Withey

Panorama 2

Chair’s report: Melissa Hardee (Hardee Consulting)

15.30: Increasing potential for success in legal practice – some empiraclly-derived insights from new lawyers – Tony Foley

16.15: Indebted to the experience: community engagement and the inspired law student – Sue Prince

Chancellor’s 1

Chair’s report: Michael Bromby (Glasgow Caledonian University)

15.30: The personalisation of the curriculum: the Programme Overview Browser on the City Law School Bar Professional Training Course – James Toner and Marcus Soanes

16.15: Tuning in, not zoning out: teaching students legal skills via a multimedia learning hub – Sanmeet Kaur and Emily Allbon

Chancellor’s 2

Chair’s report: Fiona Cownie (Keele University)

15.30: A romantic revolution in legal education – Dr Dawn Watkins

16.15: Evaluation of the effectiveness of problem based learning as a method of engaging year one law students – Joanne Clough and Gillian Smith

Chancellor’s 3

Chair’s report: Sefton Bloxham (UK Centre for Legal Education)

15.30: Opportunities for interaction: improving student engagement in the law school setting – Bonnie McAlister

16.15: Meaningful student engagement? Student perceptions of voluntary external activities within their legal education – Max Lowenstein

parallel session 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Day 2 – Saturday 29 January 2011

Parallel session 4: 10.30-12.00

Sutherland Suite

Chair’s report: Amanda Fancourt (City University)

10.30: Comparing legal professional education with education in other professions – what can they teach us? – Liz Polding

11.15: Use of reflection as a method of improving student engagement – Dr Karen Fullerton

Chancellor’s 1

Chair’s report: Kim Everett (University of Greenwich)

10.30: Mismatches between student expectations and reality: a problem for student engagement – Cherry James, John Koo and Mike Rodney

11.15: Images of law, law schools and legal education – Graeme Broadbent and Pamela Sellman

Chancellor’s 2

Chair’s report: Mark Davys (Keele University)

10.30: Back to the blackboard? Learning how to learn and teach in the ‘shifting sands’ of technology – Karen Clark and Sharon Korek

11.15: Blended learning:creating an effective blend – Louisa Riches and Carol Cook

Chancellor’s 3

Chair’s report: Richard Owen (University of Glamorgan)

10.30: Assessment in a rapidly changing world – developing a new discourse – Elizabeth Mytton and Paul Wynell-Sutherland

11.15: Student understanding of the criteria used for assessment, and the relationship to their perceptions concerning feedback – Dr Penny English

parallel session 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Parallel session 5: 12.00-13.30

Sutherland Suite

Chair’s report: Alison Bone (University of Brighton)

12.00: Portfolio assessment: Should we start with the academics having a go? – Di Kelly

12.45: Achievement and attitudes of first year business students – their effects on success at the University of Brighton Business School – Tracey Taylor

Chancellor’s 1

Chair’s report: Tracey Varnava (UK Centre for Legal Education)

12.00: Why our approach to student engagement might be determinded by our answer to the question: is law merely a business? – Graham Ferris and Nick Johnson

12.45: LLB student perceptions of assessment and feedback; lessons from the National Student Survey – Lisa Webley

Chancellor’s 2

12.00: Digital games and learning: theoria, cultura and praxis – Sara de Freitas and Paul Maharg

12.45: When and how should legal ethics be learned? – Clark Cunningham, Nigel Duncan, Paul Maharg, Tony King

Chancellor’s 3

12.00: Understanding good teaching: what do students say? – Jessica Guth and Edward Mowlam

12.45: Dyslexia in the learning of law – its meaning and its impact on student and teacher – Jackie Lane

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