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Islamic Law Special Interest Group

As part of its contribution to the Higher Education Academy’s Islamic Studies Network, UKCLE organised a disciplinary special interest group in Islamic Law.

The group’s purpose was to:

  • share work underway as part of UKCLE’s Islamic Law Curriculum Project
  • identify key substantive and pedagogic issues relevant to the development of learning and teaching Islamic Law within UK higher education
  • establish priorities and a plan of work for the group, with the support of UKCLE, the Islamic Studies Network, and other bodies.

July 2011 meeting


Keynote address: Teaching and learning of Islamic Law in UK universities: An appraisal of method and content
Mashood Baderin, School of Law, School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London

Constructing a Communal Bibliographic Resource: the Law of Islamic Finance Bibliography Project
Nicholas Foster, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law, School of Law, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Jonathan Ercanbrack, PhD student, SOAS; Shaheen Sardar Ali, Warwick Law School, University of Warwick

Inaugural meeting: November 2010

Presentations and notes

Introducing the Islamic Studies Network
Lisa Bernasek, Academic Coordinator (Islamic Studies Network), The Higher Education Academy – Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics & Area Studies (LLAS)

The dangers of kryptonite: Living with imperfection in the teaching of Islamic law
Nicholas Foster, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law, School of Law, School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London

Open space session: To define themes/workshops for future event. Reports are available for download.

  • Curriculum for Islamic Law (report by John Strawson)
  • Pedagogy (report by Anicee Van Engeland)
  • Resources (report by Lisa Bernasek)

An overall report of the event is available on the Islamic Studies Network website.

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