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Simshare workshops

Throughout Spring 2010, we held a number of workshops to explore using simulations in teaching and learning, and using open educational resources.

Each workshop had a host of information about simulation learning. At the workshops participants:

Learnt about OER and how to be a part of it.
Had access to a wealth of free resources for teaching.
Had help in getting started in using simulation as a form of teaching, learning and assessment.
Practised assembling a simulation on paper and had access to online resources to help do this.
Learnt how to download and upload resources to our OER website.

The first Simshare workshop was held on 15 March 2010, at Cardiff University. If you want to know more about what happened, see the Simshare blog, view Paul Maharg’s slides his presentation, or read his blog post about the day.

The second Simshare workshop took place at the University of York on 21 April 2010. Slides for the following presentations are available:

On 19 May 2010, the third Simshare workshop was held in Edinburgh. Slides are available from the following presentations:

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