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Legal education in Wales

What’s new in Wales

Two papers on legal education in Wales were presented at the Learning in Law Annual Conference 2010 in January:

Legal education in Wales has started to develop a distinct persona, a result of the impact of devolution and the rise of ‘legal Wales’. The issues and challenges were discussed at UKCLE’s 2007 seminar Exploring the impact of the Government of Wales Act 2006 on legal education and in a paper presented at Learning in Law Annual Conference 2008.

UKCLE in Wales

In September 2009 we appointed our first Welsh consultant – Richard Owen (University of Glamorgan) is working with us during 2009-10 on issues relating to legal education in Wales. Richard is compiling a Wales e-newsletter – send contributions to him on

As part of our nations strategy UKCLE supports activities of a country specific nature:

  • Events programme – we aim to organise two events in Wales during each academic year
  • Nations Fund – support for initiatives in learning and teaching, including research and the development of resources with a Welsh flavour

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Resources on legal education in Wales:

Case studies:

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Welsh medium higher education

Welsh Assembly Government policy is to increase Welsh medium higher education, with a Strategic framework and National development plan drawn up in 2007, supported by the Centre for Welsh Medium Higher Education

August 2009 saw the launch of Y Porth (The Gateway), which includes a repository of resources for both students and staff as well as a VLE to host materials for collaborative modules. It also contains learning materials in law (registration required).

For one law school’s experiences in developing Welsh medium education see our Glamorgan case study (2004).

Law schools in Wales

Our Directory of legal education in the UK includes an overview of learning law in England and Wales. The following institutions offer law degrees and postgraduate courses in law:

Academy Wales

Academy Wales, the Higher Education Academy’s Welsh arm, produces a regular newsletter and details of events in Wales. Its work in Wales is focused on a number of areas, including education for sustainable development and assessment and feedback.

Recent resources:

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