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What makes a good law lecturer?

We are always looking for ways of making the student voice heard in relation to learning and teaching in law. With small project funding from Warwick Digital Press, Patricia McKellar asked students undertaking a law degree at Warwick University to look at what they thought made a good law lecturer. The project required the students to complete a short film on their chosen research topic and make this available to others in the field. The Warwick law students planned the project as a series of interviews with key staff and devised questions which they felt reflected the points they wanted to make about the qualities of a good law lecturer. They completed their appointed tasks, including working with Warwick Digital Press in the editing process, and ultimately produced this film which will be of use to students and lecturers.

The video is split into seven questions, each of which can be viewed below.

How do you prepare for your lectures?

Do you try to incorporate humour into your lectures?

What’s the worst thing a lecturer could do?

Do you need to have been a legal practitioner?

How was your first experience of being a lecturer?

How approachable should a lecturer be?

What advice would you give to a new law lecturer?

Thanks to the University of Warwick lecturers who are interviewed in the film: Professor Nick Johnson, Professor Gary Watt and Dr Paul Raffield.  
Film authors and producers: Jenny Wells; Veronica Lipinska

Last Modified: 4 June 2010

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