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Writing learning objectives using Bloom's taxonomy

(Adapted from work by LeBrun and Johnstone (1994:162). See the UKCLE guidance note Ensuring successful assessment for additional examples of how to achieve learning objectives in the context of law.)

If you want your Students To… Use One or More of These Verbs Add the Object And Condition/Context
Know state, define, name, write, recall, recognise, list, label, reproduce, identify knowledge of specifics, for example research, theory, examples of case law, method, approach criminal law, tort, family law, human rights, 19th century medical law
Comprehend appreciate, select, indicate, illustrate, represent, formulate, explain, classify, comprehend translate, interpret, extrapolate  
Apply predict, demonstrate, instruct, compute, use, perform, implement, employ, solve apply knowlede, understanding to  
Analyse analyse, identify, differentiate, dissect, compare, contrast, examine, interpret, investigate analyse relationships, elements, organisational principles  
Synthesise combine, summarise, restate, précis, argue, discuss, organise, derive, relate, generalise, integrate, conclude produce a new form, plan, set of ideas, set of relations  
Evaluate judge, justify, evaluate, determine, support, defend, attach, criticise, appraise, weigh up, assess judge in terms of internal and external evidence  

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