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Nameplates and oath cards

This page includes links to files containing nameplates and oath cards for use with the scripts in Law in action: learning through scripted role plays


  • download nameplates at the bottom of the page (Word file, 3 pages, 48 KB)

The following nameplates are included:

  • public
  • magistrate (two)
  • court clerk
  • usher
  • defendant
  • defending solicitor
  • prosecuting solicitor
  • chairman
  • press
  • probation officer
  • ‘wing’ magistrates

Oath cards

  • download oath cards at the bottom of the page (RTF file, 3 pages, 16 KB)

The following oath cards are included:

  • form of oath (Christian)
  • form of affirmation
  • form of oath (other)

Last Modified: 4 June 2010